Debarking machine S

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Debarking machine S

From railing to children’s swings: With the compact standard version S, any type of wood can be used economically.

3 Functions

The three functions debarking, sharpening and chamfering facilitate the production of round bark, pegs and poles.

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Earning good money with damaged wood

Not only that wood damaged by the bark beetle, European spruce bark beetle etc. and all kinds of weak wood can literally be processed into valuable wood in the shortest time: The inexpensive standard S-version with HSS blades on the peeling disc and a sharpening device quickly pays off.

Variability is the key: Three drive types are available. The three-point suspension also ensures safe and stable transport with the tractor. In addition, two wheels and levers allow the machine to roll easily on firm ground. The ejector can be aligned and extended as required. Fold-out and space-saving support brackets simplify work and reduce physical strain.

The sturdy construction makes the machine virtually indestructible, as long-term tests have impressively shown. All parts of the frame and the fairing are hot-dip galvanised, high-quality lacquered or powder-coated. Highest quality is also a matter of course for all built-in components from ball bearings to cutting blades.

Safety has top priority: The machine and accessories are TÜV (Technical Inspection Association)-tested.

A machine with three functions

Wood debarking, sharpening and chamfering

With the standard S-version, all types of wood, even slightly curved, wet or dry, from 3 to 25 centimetres in diameter can easily be debarked, sharpened or chamfered.

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Damaged wood, beetle-infested wood or weak wood with a diameter of 3 to 25 centimetres is debarked with a four-blade peeling disk.
The ends of the logs can be chamfered cleanly with the peeling disc. The angle and chamfer thickness can be freely selected.
The debarking machine sets no limits to sharpening. Regardless of whether it is almost blunt or tapered over its greater length.

Wood debarking made easy!

Developed by practical experts for practical use

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Damaged and weak wood is too precious to simply be left to rot in the forest - especially as the price of firewood is significantly lower than that of wood.

Eight times the value of wood

Would you like to find out how much you gain by debarking?

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Six functions, just a few steps!